Sunday, June 21, 2020

[Pixel Arts] I've started to practice making pixel arts

Recently I make pixel arts using dotpict, a smartphone app to draw pixel arts This is a good way to make pixel arts to practice while commuting and it's easy to draw. I often use free images when I make a game but I try to make images for games by myself so that's why I practice pixel arts. This is my first pixel arts drawn by dotpict.

Mr. polar bear

I like polar bears and North pole. I was inspired by this poster. This is a poster for a movie of Doraemon. Actually I don't like so much Doraemon but I was shocked when I saw it. It is a simple but beautiful picture and I feel something nostalgic from this painting. That's why I draw North pole this time. By the way I found a good twitter account to practice pixel arts. It's @Pixel_Dailies. This account gives us to make a pixel art every day. When I found this account, the theme was "cherry" so I made this one:

midnight cherry

I think cherry has an image of bright and adorable so I try to add a dark and cool atmosphere to it. I'm not sure if you feel that way from this painting but I hope so :) My pixel arts can be seen here.

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